Reid G. Simmons

Research Professor, Director, Artificial Intelligence Major, Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute

Greg Tomita

Нead Of Marketing at FRESH, St Francisco Bay Area, USA

Joseph Errante

Assistant Professor, College of Dental Medicine, Columbia University, USA

Yan Kalika

Chief Executive Officer, DMD

Owner of Image Orthodontics, 23 clinics in San-Francisco

Matvey Ezhov

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

10+ years of experience in machine learning and data science.

Evgeniy Shumilov

Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder

20 years of experience in commercial positions in Western dental distribution companies. Ex-CEO of Кavo Dental Russland.

Alex Sanders

President & Founder, PhD, DMD

Founder and CEO of the Fantasy Group (the Dental Fantasy chain of kid`s dental clinics, Belgravia Dental Studio dentistry chain, Fantasy pediatric polyclinic, and Dental Fantasy Trade – medical and dental equipment sales and services company). PhD in medicine.

Dmitriy Rogatskin

Head of the X-Ray Department of the chain of Ortos dental clinics, Russia

Vasiliy Grachev

Chief Doctor of the 3D Lab chain of X-ray diagnostic centers, Russia

Prof. Dr. Kaan Orhan

DDS. MSc. MHM. PhD. BBAc, Prof. Dr. Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry, Turkey

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