A platform for storing and managing dental imaging files of the clinic's patients with the option to easily share and review them from any device, anywhere.


Simultaneous upload of multiple files, including intraoral, panoramic, photographs and CBCT Well-organized storage of all kinds of dental images of all patients Automatic sequencing of up to 24 sighting images (complete X-ray series) Custom branding with your clinic’s logo and contact details Integration with your clinic’s EHR via an open API (in Large Practice and Enterprise tiers):
  • Flexible configuration of employee rights
  • Each user has their own account (Create separate accounts for your team members and set up different levels of access: doctor / supervisor / guest)
  • Secure transfer of dental images and data
  • Statistics and analytics - reports on doctors, patients, studies, diagnoses
Integration with imaging software with X-ray software (provides automatic upload of images)


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